HashX 1.0

HashX is a simple tool that calculates checksum values for individual files (See all)

HashX is a simple tool that calculates checksum values for individual files. The most helpful use for it is, probably, to check whether a file you have downloaded is error-free and undamaged using the checksum value provided. The program can calculate checksum values using all popular algorithms, including MD5, SHA1, and CRC32.

With a simple and well-designed user interface, this program is very easy to use. It allows you to select the file whose hash value you wish to calculate through a standard open dialog. Next, you should select from a list the algorithm you want the program to use to calculate the value. The program also allows you to pick your preferred output format from among four options – uppercase, lowercase, with or without spaces. Now you can click on the "Hash File" button to start the process and get the value corresponding to your file.

Additionally, the program provides a space for you to paste a string (e.g., the checksum for the file on the download Web site) to compare it with the calculated value. Unfortunately, it merely shows a very small message saying "Match" or "Not Match", which is a bit hard to notice. The program should display this crucial message much more clearly. Finally, there is a "Copy Output" button that sends the calculated value to your clipboard automatically.

In short, HashX is a handy application to help you find out if your downloaded files are corrupted or not, especially when downloading large files.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Supports all popular checksum calculation algorithms
  • Simple and well-designed user interface
  • Allows you to select your preferred output string format
  • It can compare the calculated value with a pasted value automatically
  • Copies the calculated checksum value to your clipboard


  • The program does not clearly show whether the calculated and pasted values match or not
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